About the Artist

Terri Meyer Biography

Ohio Artist, Terri S. Meyer, started her art career in August of 1999. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland and is an artist, who is continually perfecting her skills by practice and studying.

She has been a featured artist in several publications, including Decorate With Paint – “Ceiling the Deal” July 2004,  Times Gazette Jan 2007, Heart of Ohio Magazine – Feature Article Spring 2010 New Day Cleveland Fox 8 TV Segment in Oct 2011 and Artist at Work, Cleveland Cable 9 TV Segment Oct 2013.

Her artwork has graced the cover of two magazines, Freestyle “A Work in Progress” July 2008 and Heart of Ohio Magazine Cover by Terri Meyer Fall 2010.

She has initiated three community art programs, Healing through the Arts Festival July 2008, a local art festival fund raiser for Hospice, “Inspire Your Walls”, a program to promote local artist in the community and in November 2015 Holiday Art Extravaganza hosted at the Creative Chateau Gallery.

She has trained under many talented local and national artists; PortaitsDaniel Greene, Sharon Weaver, Marvin Mattelson, Judith Carducci, Rose Frantzen, Peggi Habets and Dino Massaroni; Life Drawing -Dr. Dennis Drummond; Sculpture – Lynne Forbes, Philippe Faraut, and Tim Bearie; Plein Air Painting –  Diane Maxey, Debra Dawson, Kenn Backhaus, and Fred GraffWatercolor workshops – Don Andrews, Cathy Welner and Mel Stabin.

Artist Statement

In 1999 I changed my career path to a full time freelance artist, having never worked in the art industry.  It was bold, gutsy and a leap of faith.  As I look back I smile at my innocence. How I have grown and learned since that time.  It hasn’t been easy, but it has been a wonderful journey.   My art training has come from practice, persistence, studying under well established artists, art books and videos.  Learning is the cornerstone of my creativity.  I feel we all have gifts to share with each other, mine is creativity.  So here I am, sharing my passion with you.  I hope you enjoy the journey with me.